Extend remote snapshot replication to a 3rd site

  • 6 November 2018
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Hello community,

it is possible Nutanix remote snapshots to a remote site and additional snapshot to a 3rd remote site?

Small ROBO Cluster
ROBO Backup Node (1155S)
Central Backup Target

Small Robo Cluster > Remote Snapshot to ROBO Backup Node (1155S) > Remote Snapshot to Central Backup target.

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3 replies

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Chaining like that is not supported. HYCU can do remote site backup which may help you out.
OK. Thank's for the answer.
Too bad that it does not work with on-board resources.
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You can define multiple remote site targets, though in your situation you're probably concerned about bandwidth or geographical separation issues. Unfortunately you cannot chain backup replications. If you wanted to migrate a VM though, here is my suggestion. Activate the PD on the first destination and then create a new PD to perform an Async replication to the final target. That replication will be a full of course, but that is one way that you can migrate systems between clusters.

Hope that helps.