ESXi VMs not recognized in Veeam after async DR failback

We are running asynchronous Protection Domains and also employee Veeam backups of VMs. If we failover to the secondary site and then failback to the primary site, Veeam no longer recognizes the VMs in previously created backup jobs. We have to delete all the old backup jobs and set them up again. This is with ESXi hosts. Is that normal?

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Hello @bmilesftc 

I didn’t face this issue before, however, you should open a case with Veeam support. Also, you can leverage Veeam Replication instead, no additional license required. Veeam Replication with ESXi will give you the same Failover, Failback, and more.

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During the failover process, failed over vm is unregistered from the main site cluster and VM is registered in the DR Site.

Same process if repeated during the failback process. 

Veeam Backup jobs are based on the VM names. I don’t think its a issue you might face issue for incremental backups.  

did you try to run the full backup ? please share backup failure error for more details