ESXI Veeam Backup to AHV at a different site

  • 16 June 2023
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Hi. So I have veeam backing up a set of servers around 1TB worth of data they are backed up locally to a Qnap.  The servers are Windows 2012R2 on ESXi.


The site I want to be able to restore them to has a lot of space on a Nutanix system running AHC (Acropolis) So can I just say shunt the Veeam Backups to the 2nd Site and configure Veeam to talk to the Nutanix system if so how do i get it to restore the VMWare backups so i get get them working on Nutanix.  It’s a pure DR Test initially and then if it works I might use the same method to actually migrate the whole sytem from the older vmware harware to living permenantly at the different site on acropolis.


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2 replies



After to configure Veeam and install the Nutanix plugin, It will appear a option like “Restore to Nutanix AHV”.


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Hello @booktrunk 

You can restore your VMware workload to Nutanix no problem, however, Nutanix can come with AHV hypervisor, or with ESXi, in case of ESXi on Nutanix, so it’s VMware to VMware, and you can do restore and replication. In case of AHV hypervisor you can do restore only.