Beginner's guide to testing DRaaS - where can I find?

I’m looking for a starting guide to testing failover to our Xi cluster. I believe that it is all configured and ready to go, but I’ve been tasked to write a procedure guide for a planned failover test during an outage window.

Our on-prem cluster: AOS 6.5.2, PC pc.2022.6.0.1,.Hypervisor    20220304 build-342   

Our Xi / DRaaS cluster is located in XI-US-EAST-1C, and has a few always-on servers. We are replicating a number of on-prem servers to it, on a one-hour, 4-hour, 1-day, and 1 week RPO basis, depending on device criticality. Some are defined as application consistent, some are not.

We have about 70 protected entities.

I am able to log into my local Prism Central and Prism Element, and I can get to SSH sessions on the CVMs and PC if need be. I am able to log into and see the configuration there, the AZs, and etc. Please let me know if some additional information about my cluster would help.

What I need is a guide to failing over for testing, and recovering to the on-prem cluster, starting with Step One.

Can someone point me to something published that will help me get started?





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Hello @LinuxInside 

Please check the below guides:


Thanks! I’ll check into those.