Backup Reports

  • 15 April 2021
  • 1 reply

I want to create a backup report that is sent to a specific email address everyday, which contains data protection status for the last 24 hours (both successful and failed).

I have Prism Central, and have tried using the “Reports” feature. In that I have chosen a data table and configured it to show VMs in Data Protection.

The report works, but I get no status about success or failed backups.

I have also tried using the API, but cannot manage to get the info I want.

How do you guys get backup reports/status? This is a requirement from our IT audit group, that we can show successful and/or failed backups every day.

1 reply

I’m looking to do something similar. I’d like to have an email generated if a protection domain doesn’t snapshot successfully. Did you manage to configure a report for protection domain status?  

I see and event is generated like Snapshot '2654424072' created for protection domain 'Production'.  I tried looking for this event in x-play though and couldn’t find this event so couldn’t trigger an action.