azure cloud connect - manual creation of CVM

  • 13 May 2019
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Looking to see if it is possible to manually deploy the CVM to Azure for use with Cloud connect?
Also what is the reliance on the classic deployment model? Why can't the CVM be deployed using the Resource Manager model? Microsoft have been pushing customers away from the classic model over the last few years, its likely that the majority of customer with mature Azure deployments won't be using the classic model.

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3 replies

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So my first question is, why would you want CVMs in Azure? Controller VMs are meant for storage I/O operations for your hardware and the Acropolis code. To my knowledge AWS is the only offering at this point to deploy Nutanix AOS for clustering capabilities for bare metal deployments. Essentially you are using EC2 resources to have an actual cluster on Amazon hardware. There are no such offerings in Azure. Cloud connect is intended to be a replication point for disaster recovery purposes. You're not replicating to another Nutanix cluster.

I would highly recommend engaging support with your inquiry.
The CVM is for Azure Cloud connect just for backup, just wondering if it is possible to deploy manually as the cloud wizard under data protection must just be running standard API commands against Azure.
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Gotcha, that makes more sense now.

It doesn't look like there is any sort of manual deployment option.

I referenced the general guidelines here:

I would definitely still engage support.