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  • 30 April 2020
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There could be some extreme situations where you want to safely abort an ongoing replication job. 


There could be multiple reasons to abort an ongoing replication job, for example: 


  • You want to delete a protection domain.

  • You noticed some network issues between both sites. 

  • Remote site is unavailable due to certain reasons.


Do we have a safe method to abort a replication job? 

The following knowledge base article mention the steps and procedure to abort an ongoing replication job safely from nCLI


How to Abort an Ongoing Replication Job (Async DR)


Prism admin account locked


There might be a situation where you can get locked out of  Prism due to

too many failed attempts 


The login screen will prompt a message  stating:


Account locked due to too many failed attempts


If you run into a similar situation, there is a method to remove the lock for the admin account


The following base article might help you with the steps to achieve the same

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