Nutanix Clusters and Licensing

  • 12 September 2020
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Licensing is an important and integral part of Nutanix Clusters. All Nutanix Software Products does not require a license. Nutanix provides these products and their features without requiring you to do anything license-wise:

  1. Nutanix AHV
  2. Karbon (enabled through Prism Central)
  3. Prism Central (Prism Pro, however, requires a license for its advanced features, but you can manage registered Prism Element clusters with the base Prism Central software)
  4. Framework and utility software such as Life Cycle Manager (LCM), X-Ray, and Move
  5. Foundation

Viewing License Status:

The most current information about your licenses is available from the Prism Element or Prism Central web console. It is also available at the Nutanix Support Portal from the Products link. You can view information about license levels, expiration dates, and any free license inventory (that is, unassigned available licenses)

Displaying License Features and Details

Requirements and Considerations for Licensing

Licensing Guide

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