Cascade Lake vs Ice Lake

  • 27 October 2021
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So i’ve been going through Google searches to find an answer whether Cascade Lake vs Ice Lake can coexist within the same cluster. Unfortunately no luck. So i hope this forum can help me answer this question.

My concern is that i was made to understand that Cascade Lake and Ice Lake CPU architecture is different, thus that may pose a performance problems to VM even if the nodes can coexist within the cluster.

So the question is, can NX-G7 and NX-G8, which will run on different CPU archtiecture coexist within the same cluster and will it cause any performance issues if this is possible?

It would help if you can point me to a KB article or any article for that matter to explain this.

Thank you in advance for the help……..


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Hi @Johan_Helmi 

You can mix and match cpu in a cluster, just not the same block. The newer features of the CPU will me masked: