Backup and Recovery | Nutanix Clusters on AWS

  • 12 April 2021
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For Nutanix Clusters on AWS


Nutanix provides the following backup and recovery options.

Disaster Recovery for Instance, AZ, and Region Failure:

Nutanix has native inbuilt replication capabilities to recover from complete cluster failure. Nutanix supports both near-synchronous (NearSync) and asynchronous replication on an AHV cluster.

You can set your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to be as little as one minute with NearSync, one hour with asynchronous and instant with synchronous replications. You can create a new remote site in your on-prem Nutanix cluster for the new cluster on AWS. Ensure you connect your on-prem site with AWS by using VPN or Direct Connect. You must also ensure the ports are open on the management security group required for replication. All the existing best practices in the Data Protection and Recovery with Prism Element apply, because in many ways an AWS bare-metal instance is like another supported OEM vendor.

See the Data Protection and Recovery with Prism Element guide on the Nutanix Support portal for more information.

For Data Protection and Disaster Recovery, you must configure connectivity between your on-prem datacenter and AWS VPC by using either the AWS VPN or AWS Direct Connect.

See the AWS documentation at AWS Site-to-Site VPN to connect AWS VPC by using VPN.

See the AWS documentation at Connect Your Data Center to AWS to connect AWS VPC by using Direct Connect.

If you want to use protection policies and recovery plans to protect applications across multiple Nutanix clusters, set up Xi Leap from Prism Central. Xi Leap allows you to stage your application to be restored in the right order. You can also use protection policies to failback to on-prem if required.

See the Leap Administration Guide on the Nutanix Support portal for more information.

Nutanix Clusters offers the following configurations with Xi Leap:

Integration with Third-Party Backup Solutions

Deploying a single cluster in AWS is great for more ephemeral workloads where you want to take advantage of performance improvements and use the same automation pipelines you use on-prem.

You can use backup products compatible with AHV to target S3 as the backup destination, and, depending on the failure mode you want to recover from, you can also replicate that S3 bucket to a different Region. HYCU and Veam are compatible with AHV. Nutanix has qualified HYCU and Veam as a backup solution to work in an Nutanix Clusters environment.


For more information on Nutanix Clusters, please visit Nutanix Clusters Guide

For release notes information, please follow Nutanix Clusters on AWS Release Notes

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