Update on Certification Exam Delivery Delays

  • 29 May 2020
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Hello candidates,

Nutanix greatly appreciates your efforts in training and certifying with us. We make every effort to provide a smooth and enjoyable certification experience. Recently, our certification delivery partner (PSI) experienced some issues that have impacted our users. We wanted to provide you as much information as possible about what happened and the steps we have taken for resolution.

Through feedback from our candidates, we were alerted to unusually long wait times for proctor assignments and access to the exam itself. In researching the cause, our partner discovered that their remote proctor notification system was not functioning as expected.

Part of this was due to significantly increased demand on their system due to other IT companies moving to remote proctored testing in response to COVID-19. This increased demand caused a breakdown in their system, particularly under heavier loads. As a result, even though candidates were able to log into their sessions, proctors were not aware that they had candidates waiting.

The resulting long wait times and frustration was, and is, completely unacceptable to us and we have spent considerable time pushing our partner for a resolution. They have implemented a procedure that they expect to resolve the issue, but we will continue to monitor deliveries to ensure that it has been resolved.

We apologize to anyone that experienced a problem and we want to thank you for your feedback that helped us to resolve the issue with our partner. If you have any specific feedback you would like to share, please contact us at certification@nutanix.com

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