Unable to take NCP- MCI 5.15 as PSIonline was not working

  • 30 September 2020
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Hi Team, Today I scheduled to write NCP-MCI 5.15 exam through online PSI proctor exam . after verification proof it redirected to another page where only saw "View Camera and Desktop" as there was no "Share Camera and Share Desktop option to press" . my Proctor asked me to refresh to connect since he wasn't see some option after refreshing the live chat session was disconnected and the even page was blank as only was able and tried several times and result was same . so only thought to exit and to connect it back unfortunately was entire was closed and I didn't see any option launch the exam again. Please help to write the exam again.


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6 replies

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Did you address this question to ? they can help you to figure it out.

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Basic or initial troubleshooting would be resetting Cache on browser , if that does not workout then contact

@mikkisseI already sent mail to regarding the issue and just got ticket number from them.

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Hi @Vino  PSI should be reaching out to you directly to troubleshoot and help you get rescheduled.

@JoshuaAndrews , Thanks you , I hope PSI will reach me today.  until yesterday i hadn’t received any mail from them.

@JoshuaAndrews , Paul Ilavarasu, and @mikkisse  Thank you all. Got and a reply from PSI to reschedule the exam.