Unable to take NCA as PSIonline was not working

  • 28 October 2020
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Hi Team, I scheduled to write NCA-5.15 exam through online PSI proctor exam, during verification it’s asking again and again to share my ID card for verification proof. I have multiple ID card issued by government of India but not accepting any proof, seems PSI proctor exam not working. After sometime, the exam scheduled expire and unable to give my exam. Also my voucher used there but unable to give exam. I logged ticket “636111“with Nutanix education and certification but no solution yet for my voucher. Please help and guide.

7 replies

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Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulties. The Education support team usually responds within 24-48 hours, so I’m sure you’ll hear back from someone soon. If you haven’t heard anything by next week, feel free to DM me here.

Hi, how do we go about registering for the NCA 5.15 exam? I have gone into Nutanix University and am not seeing the exam scheduler tab for the NCA exam like I do the NCP exam.

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If you go to this page (you’ll need to log in first), you click on the register button. 

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I am still waiting for PSI to verify the voucher, however you will not be able to use it to schedule the NCA until scheduling for the live NCA exam opens.  The NCA exam will be available to take during the second week of December.

Hello Team,

My issue did not resolve yet and it’s more than 1 week.

Please check and kindly provide new coupon code, so I can able to schedule NCA 5.15 exam in December month.

Please expedite the request.


Thank you

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Hi Md, a new email has been sent resolving the problem.


Thank you Joshua and issue has been fixed for me.

It’s hard to co-ordinate for this exam and followed long time.

Thanks for your efforts to fix the issue.