Transfer Nutanix Certification to Different Account

  • 8 November 2022
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Wondering if it is possible to transfer a Nutanix cert to an alternate account?


Since we cannot register Nutanix accounts with personal email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail etc) my Nutanix cert is linked to my Nutanix account with my current employer who I am finishing my employment with today. Since I’ll no longer have access to that email after today, how can I continue to access my Nuatnix account / my Nutanix certification?

I do happen to have another Nuatnix account ready to use, but cannot see a solution.


I am based outside of the US without the ability to call US phone numbers. I called the Nutanix support number available in my country but it went through to “technical support” who informed me they can only provide technical support and cannot transfer me to Customer Support - instead giving me a US phone number to call which I cannot use..


Given the time sensitivity I doubt I’ll get a solution in time but figured it’s worth asking the question here just in case.


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Create a personal account at with your GMail account, then associate your work email with that account.

You need access to the work email to complete the step, but then you have access to the badges.

When you have a new work email, send a request to to get the certs moved.

Fantastic, thanks Joshua.