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  • 20 February 2021
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Hi, I already passed the NCA exam and I tried twice to pass the NCP-MCI 5.15 wo=ithout any success , its very frustrating, I been studying pretty hard the blue print and all the training material from the University website, but I found the test questions a little confusing most of the time, Cna anybody recommend a more practical study guide so I can FNALLY past this test? Thank you in advance.


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5 replies

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@Juanecheco my recommendation is to study with a lab Nutanix cluster (Nutanix CE). As this proof validates a lot of knowledge in the operation of the Nutanix cluster and its functionalities, the practice here makes a lot of difference.

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Thank you @LeandroWPaes 

Hi JC, 

I passed at the 3rd attempt. I agree with Leandro: Having a CE home lab is great. Additionally,  I suggest you read all the documents, best practices, tech notes etc. Print them out if you have to, but read all of them. No jokes!



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I just passed the NCP test and I follow all your suggestions, thank you very much , I really appreciated it.

You are most welcome.