Is this a bug in cluster destroying

  • 13 March 2020
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Last week I followed the ECA curse in the Netherlands.

The lab environment was based om the community edistion (2019-xx)

One of the labs was to create a protected domain, remote side and schedule a replication of the primary domain to the remote side, switch over and back.
No problem with this lab.

Later on in the course we must destroy a cluster. The cluster we must destroy was the cluster wich contains the remote side of the earlier create protected domain.
AT the time of the destroy my and a fellow student tested if it was posibly to stop the cluster with running vm's the system prevented this, we tought no futher and copleted the exercise as described.

After a while I discovered error messages about the disfunction of the remote side.

The protected domain missed the remote side so this messages where understandable.
So I, and a fellow student which had the same errors, decided to remove the protected domain. My fellow student deleted the protected domain without any problem.
I got a error at delete the domein ”a replication is busy” so you cannot delete.

Oke a replication is busy to a not existing remote side??

At the end I discovered: the scheduled replication of the first exercise was running at the moment I stopped and destroyed the cluster which contains the remote side.

I could stop the replication at Cli and deleted the protected domain.
However I still have the question why the system doesnot allow me to stop the cluster with running vm's but let me stop (and destroy) a cluster with a running replication?

Is this a bug and if it is will Nutanix know this ans at last if they don't know how can I tell them?

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