Is Nutanix working with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) community and Kubernetes in general?

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Beyond simple docker volume support but can Nutanix bring their expertise into the CSI space to make orchestration systems like k8s aware of cluster wide storage resources?

It also leads into what Nuatnix is doing to enable a K8s API conformant solution on top of the platform. I recognize that we can layer on a k8s runtime as a customer, but similar to what we see with Pivotal leveraging BOSH to make day2 k8s work there seems to be demand for integrated options. The institutional storage knowledge could really take stateful sets to the next level and BOSH as a lot of similarities to Acropolis.

I know that there may be overlap with Calm when it comes to service orchestration, but k8s is becoming the defacto language for orchestrating an application delivered by containers.

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Short answer is, yes. 🙂 We have a Kubernetes Volume Plugin today using an External Provisioner (supported with K8s 1.6 and above) and investigating CSI. As you might already know CSI will is one of many alpha feature with the 1.9 release, so not ready for primetime. Today we have many customers running K8s distributions (CoreOS Tectonic, Red Hat OpenShift) on Nutanix so conformance is really on their end, but we do receive a lot of requests for a native K8s offering and when we release our offering conformance will be a necessity. We will leverage existing tools like LCM, etc to make day2 K8s ops easier. BOSH is actually similar to Calm, but purpose built for Cloud Foundry. Agreed, K8s is gaining a lot of momentum and is the defacto for Container Orchestration.
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Sorry for reanimating this converstation but there is one question open for me:

What about RHEL support for AHV? Did the customers you menstioned just drop that? When using K8 it would be nice to have that as well.
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Hi @Dennis_Konrad

Let me see if I can get an answer for you 👍