What is the meaning of "mode" in the output of mange_ovs show_interfaces

  • 6 August 2019
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I have confuse about the output of the AHV network command "mange_ovs show_interfaces", In the result, I can check the link status and speed of the NICs. But what is the meaning of mode ?

I attached a snapshot as the following that give the output of a node in AHV which have 10Gb and 25Gb nic cards, but the mode all display 10000. What is the meaning of mode?


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4 replies

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Mode here implies Speed ,Please refer to following guide for detailed Info
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Hi @Shridhar

Thanks for you information, But I also have questions:
  1. If mode implies speed, how about the speed imply?
  2. In my environment of the snapshot, you can see, 25Gb speed display 10000 mode. actually, its speed is 25Gb.
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Hi chenzh4.

The issue stems from the ethtool version in current AHV versions, which does not include parsing logic for some of the link modes of newer cards, and we can't update to a newer ethtool version until we upgrade to a newer userspace (CentOS 7).

All the current GA AHV versions are still using a CentOS 6 userspace, so we still have the older ethtool version.

So until that happens we'll have some reporting problems sometimes when using newer model NICs in AHV.

as long as the speed value is correct, then there shouldn't be any production-impacting issues from that, just a display/reporting problem.

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Hi AntonioG

It is very clear and I got it. Thanks for your information.