vStore cross-mapping for Data Protection

  • 28 August 2020
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May I please ask for some help with understanding vStore mapping in Data Protection?

Setup: two identical HCI clusters, both run production workloads. A Protection Domain with Async DR is being configured to replicate a subset of VMs from one cluster to another for DR purposes, as well as for migration scenarios. Hypervisor: ESXi.

Question: Can vStore mapping be done to a container with live running VMs?

In more general view, I consider a scenario where each of the two clusters not only runs its portion of production workloads, but also is the replication target for the other cluster. Should the replication be mandatorily mapped to a separate/dedicated container, or can it go to the same container as the local VMs run from? I.e. how about having a single container for all UVM-s in each cluster, and vStore mapping in each cluster for these two containers?

Thank you.

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Need to vStore mapping is needed when the name of datastore at primary and secondary cluster is different. 


For any other reason of configuration as mentioned in your post. They are irrelevant. You can have dedicated datastore for VMs or not have dedicated.


Please read through Prism guide for better understanding of DR