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Hey Guys, first time working with VMware installed on Nutanix.  I am getting ready to install 7.0.2u, but I need some clarification first.

I am unable to find the correct Customized Dell Binaries for 7.0.2u from VMware. Even reached out to support and they are no help.  Every other version I can get the binaries for. 

Anyway I am just wondering is it required for me to use the 1 click upgrade in Nutanix to update my ESXi hosts or can I use update manager in vCenter?


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Hi @Nick.Barber 

Customized ISO’s should be downloaded from the VMware download site (customerconnect). What build number is with 7.0.2u? See Build numbers and versions of VMware ESXi/ESX (2143832)

You can use the Update Manager in VMware, but I don’t think you can perform a rolling upgrade and should manually configure a node and cvm to be in maintenance mode.

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Hi @Nick.Barber 

You can use both methods. But, I recommend you to do this on AOS. You can manage maintenance mode processes of CVM’s much more easily. If you have any questions you want to ask, I would love to help.

Thanks for the reply’s I was able to find the binaries on Dell’s site for version 7.0.2u.  I have not attempted the upgrade, but will shortly.

Thanks again for your help on on this.

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I’m about to do the same on HPE hardware.  Going from 6x to 7.x  (I thought 7.0.2 was pulled due to many issues?)

I plan on using VMware LCM, but want to have a Plan B.

Where is the doc for managing a Hypervisor upgrade through Nutanix LCM.

I found a KB about updating the whitelist, but not about executing the upgrade.

Hey @DarrylO 

Here is the link to the document that I plan on using.

AOS 6.0 - Upgrading ESXi Hosts by Uploading Binary and Metadata Files ( I have not had time to do the upgrade yet, but it looks pretty easy to do.

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Thanks! They’re a little behind on the Whitelists.  For HPE DX they’re only at 7.0.0 u3c for the latest.