Nutanix Move: How to add second NIC to Move VM

  • 13 December 2019
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While it is not as a straightforward process as we would like for it to be there is an option to add a NIC to your Move VM.

  1. Login to Prism Element
  2. Add New NIC to the Nutanix-Move appliance and select the network
  3. Launch the console of Nutanix Move appliance.
  4. Switch to root user
  5. Use vi editor or any other editor of your choice to open the file /etc/network/interfaces
  6. Add the second interface eth1 configuration in the format below based on DHCP/Static IP addressing.
  7. Restart the networking service.
    Please Note: If you are using Move 3.0.3 or above you can skip Step-7 and Step-8. That'll be taken care automatically.
  8. There will be an existing script named "start-xtract" under "/opt/xtract/bin". Overwrite that script with the one provided in the KB (see link below).
  9. Change the permissions for the script.
  10. Stop iptables and restart move services.
  11. Verify the new eth1 interface configuration using "ifconfig eth1".

See KB7399 - Procedure to add a second NIC interface on Move v3.0.2 for detailed instructions and additional notes.

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2 replies

Dual or more NIC on move is currently not supported when the source is Hyper-V, as workaround static route can be added on Hyper-V

Will all move services be available from the second NIC/ip as well? For example, can I install a Hyper-V move agent pointing to the second NIC/ip?


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