Migration Database from Legacy to Nutanix Acropolis

  • 5 October 2016
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Hai Nutanix Team

I have a question regarding to customer needs,
what sould I suggest to customer if they want to plan migrate their Database existing to Nutanix Acropolis?

and If existing physical email server has 2 or more NIC, 1st WAN 2nd LAN, then we migrate to acropolis, so we add another NIC to VM, so what we configure for mapping NIC's WAN or LAN is at Switch Tor or VSwitch at Acropolis ?


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2 replies

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Hai Jon,

Thanks for your suggestion,
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Do we have any details about the database workload they are looking to migrate?

Either way, we've got a lot of really great solution and best practice guides posted on our client portal: that are worth reading through for things like SQL and Oracle. We also have a great landing page for all of the enterprise applications here on our public site:

Also, with respect to the LAN 1 and LAN 2, Keep in mind that to do it with different virtual NICs on a virtual machine, the HOST has to have access to both networks. The easiest way to do this is to aggregate the networks into separate VLANs at the top of rack switch, and pass those VLANs down to the AHV host, where we can tag traffic on different VLANs without having to worry about the complexity of running the hypervisor hosts to multiple different physical network segments.