Issues with installing Nutanix Community Edition on a Bare metal HP server for a LAB

  • 14 June 2023
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I would like to ask for some help on identifying why I receive below error prior to installing Nutanix Community Edition on a HPE Gen9 Server. We want to install Nutanix Community v2.0 for some LAB testing on a single 1U server.

Steps we have taken for the install.

1. I have created a bootable disk on a USB with version: phoenix-ce2.0-fraser-6.5.2-stable-fnd-5.3.4-x86_64

2. After boot all looks OK and we are configuring the disks as below: Attached is "Disk_config.PNG" - This is what we have as a Disk. Only C is SSD. The 16GB is the Install Media.

3. I accept the EULA and scroll to the bottom

4. Here is where the issue appears. We receive an ERROR Please supply 'Serial Number'. I have checked in NEXT and online but no luck..

5. When I hit Enter it goes back to EULA.

I was able to install the same way when I do it on ESXI, but on bare metal it looks like we are failing some king of S/N check..


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Workaround was to add a S/N in the HP server Bios (someone had this removed in the past).