How to Clear nCLI history on CVM

  • 12 October 2016
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I've been trying to clear out a entry in the nCLI interface on a CVM without luck.

tried the standard 'history -c' and 'events history clear'.

Basically I have a value I dont want to show up at the propmt is a user is cycling through the "up arrow history" while in ncli.

Anyone with the command?

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5 replies

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That is a fantastic question I've never heard anyone ask. Can you flick us a support ticket real quick on and we can poke at it with you? I'm sure there's a way to make this happen, might not be user exposed, but we'll look into it with you.

As a side node, we're actively in the midst of writing NCLI's revamp/replacement for a future release, so if for some reason we can't (from a user perspective) do this easily, we can feature request it for the revamp, and make sure we can do it there.
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Another quick side note, I noticed a handful of your systems dont seem to be calling home with Pulse. Might be worth while to verify your SMTP/Email configuration, as well as Alert Email and Pulse configurations in Prism on the following systems, ending in these 5 digits.

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ok will do, thanks!

re the side note, yes these are in a staging state right now (doign a bunch of LAG testing and resiliency tests), we'll be sure to get them fully configured closer to deployment!
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Solution : (Kudos to Luca DeNegri from nutanix support 🙂 )

the ncli history is stored locally on each node in the file /home/nutanix/.nutanix_history

You can edit this file and remove the lines you don't want to appear, or delete it to clear the whole history.

To clear ncli history on all the nodes, run:
allssh 'rm ~/.nutanix_history'

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Thanks for posting back, fantastic. Just double checked our KB and for some reason we dont have this documented. We DO have it documented for ACLI, but not NCLI.

I will get the docs team to spruce that up.