CVM became disconnected?

  • 14 April 2022
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Hello all, It seems that I am having issues with one of my ESXI hosts in my Nutanix. 

Nutanix G8

ESXI 6.7 

vSphere 6.7


This is a new set up, so not entirely devastated. Now the reason I believe it became disconnected is because in vSphere I see Network Adapter 1 VM Network (Disconnected). 

However the other 2 CVM’s are working just fine and are connected. 

in Prism when I click on the node I do see the host details, but nothing like the name I originally gave it, under the hardware tab and Host NIC’s there's nothing.

Under Prism settings > Configure CVM I see 2 of the 3 and of course the one missing is the one I'm having issues with. 

Now I am able to see open the CVM VM in vSphere and Prism, but here's the other issue. 

When I set these up I used a password manager and gave all 3 CVM’s the same password, why I bring this up is because the other 2 CVM’s take the password and username, but the bad CVM doesn't. Even the default password for the G8 models doesn't work. 

So in other words I cannot access the Shell for the CVM now and I cannot do a password recovery since I tried to the the SSH key method through prism, the reason it doesn't work is because I have to use putty to SSH into the CVM, but I cannot ping or reach the CVM since the IP address cannot be reached. The IP address that was given is no longer there. it only has its Class C IP addresses. well that's what it says in vSphere, but in Prism it still holds the IP address I originally gave it. 

Not sure what to do. 


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Hello to anyone that may find this. Here is the answer to my problem. 

The CVM that had issues could not connect to the network called VM Network. 

and when we tried to add a brand new NIC the network would not appear either. We restarted the CVM multiple time and nothing. It was odd because the other CVM’s where still connected to that VM Network. 

Well as it turns out, that VM Network somehow renamed itself as CVM Network. It worked the same as the VM Network and that's why we couldn't connect to that network or even find it. We ended up changing the VM Network connection on the other CVM’s to match CVM Network to avoid future confusion. I hope this helps someone. 

Morning. If vCenter is reporting the NIC as disconnected, have you tried reconnecting it? Is the tick box empty next to the NIC? 

If you’re able to connect it, then try rebooting the CVM and see if it rejoins the cluster correctly. You’ll most likely need to rejoin the metadata ring as well.