CRITICAL svm_rescue:657 No suitable SVM boot disk found

  • 18 September 2021
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Foundation 4.6.2  Stuck with this error,Please help.  SSD Model:SSDSC2KB960G801

2 replies

Yes, it must be the wrong SSD。Samsung PM883 was used instead of SM863

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Hi Cedirczhang


The rescue process is expecting the SSD to not have a partition. (ie, no /dev/sda1)


This tends to occur due to a partition existing on the SSD from the factory. Check if the SSD exists by running "lsscsi". If the SSD is not showing, please open a case with support for further investigation


If the SSD does show from "lsscsi" then:

  • Then check the partitions which exist "ls /dev/sd*"

Also,  In case the wrong model of SSD was installed as boot drive, Phoenix doesn't detect the SSD as boot drive and fails with the similar symptom.


Hope this helps