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  • 8 October 2014
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Hello -

I am going through the NPP 4.x tutorial and I was wondering if someone can explain to me vDisks in the context below. I guess I don't fully understand what vDisks are.

(Copied from the tutorial):
"If user data for VDI is kept on a vDisk that is attached to the end-user VM, you can store the user data vDisks on a compressed container and the VM vDisks on an uncompressed container."

Thanks in advance.

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Yep - vDisks means a virtual machine data file, so it would be a VMDK in the case of vSphere. The particular example you're looking at is illustrating that a single virtual machine can have it's VMDK's stored across multiple Nutanix storage containers.

You might have a VMDK with a mostly static OS install on it and a second VMDK full of changing user data - you can more effectively leverage compression and dedupe on the first VMDK so you would want to place that in a Nutanix container with those features enabled. The second VMDK would generate excess computational overhead trying to shrink all that changing data, so placing it in a second Nutanix container with compression/dedupe disabled would be more appropriate - and totally possible with Nutanix.
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I think it refers to drives in Windows. One where OS is installed and other drive where user data is stored.

Hope it helps.