Cannot put node back to cluster after removal

  • 14 February 2023
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Hello eveyone,

following my last post I eventually got my C node to be alive. (it was not booting nor being visible whatever I tries, always down).

I can ping it with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, connect to it in SSH, run commands etc.

Now my situation is : while I was struggling with my node down, I removed it from the cluster with Prism. I think I could bring it back after… But it does not work.

As you can see here, the C node (#3) is now missing :

I use the “Expand cluster” tools in Prism Element, I add the node manually, it is detected

I check the mode, validate and it starts to expand.

But after a few minutes I get the error :

Failure in pre expand-cluster tests. Errors: Failed to get HCI node info using discovery


It seems like the cluster refuse to consider the node as “free”, or the node itself refuse to join because it thinks that it is still in the cluster.

Thank you very much for any help you could provide



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2 replies

First questions would be:
Why did you remove the node in the first place? How did you remove the node from the cluster? Why not troubleshoot the node while it was a cluster member?

Can you SSH to the C-Node CVM?

If the node is not dicovering automatically check there if the node still thinks it is part of the cluster.

On the CVMs of cluster and standalone node “ncli host list”. 
Maybe the CVM on the ejected node is somehow in maintenance mode?
Check genesis.out log. 
From your the cluster: ncli cluster discover-nodes

One quick way might be to just re-foundation the node you want to add without cluster formation. 

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Refoundation the node with the correct versions (do not create a cluster in foundation software) and expand cluster with the freshly foundationed node.