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  • 16 January 2019
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WE are running on AOS version and planning to upgrade it. When I checked in Upgrade path, the maximum version I can upgrade to is 5.6.2
I need to know, if I want to upgrade to the latest version which is, do I have to follow the path like >> 5.6.2 >> 5.9.2 >> , basically a 3 step procedure OR is it that I can upgrade to 5.6.2 only.

Please share your views.

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5 replies

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This for CE or commercial? What is showing up in the AOS updates section? Didn't think you had to hit all the stops in an upgrade, but maybe there is a specific concern?
Thanks for your reply.

This is not for commercial and the customer environment which we are supporting.
The reason we are going for upgrade is because we have some alerts showing up which are false alerts and upgrade is recommended by Nutanix. Also it is pretty old version now.

AOS update section doesnt have any information about the stops which I mentioned. It was just which I was thinking if that is achievable.
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Well Community Edition (CE) is not suitable for real customer use and is for testing so still sounds like you are using the commercial nutanix product. And I didn't think CE was even close to 5.10 so there is that as well.

Yeah if the upgrade is saying go to 5.10 than do what it says and call support if it fails.
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Hi @RohtashMinocha

If you have access to the support portal there is a nice section that outlines the upgrade path. One option is to go -> 5.5.7 (LTS) -> 5.10.x (LTS) 👍

If this helps, please consider clicking the 'best answer' link so others can find the same material much quicker. Thanks

Let me know and thanks

HI.. do you have aos lts? 

i want to download but does not onportal