All licenses reset before clean re-allocation on two production clusters

  • 16 April 2024
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Hi Guys,

Can anyone confirm that it is possible to unlicense one or two NX clusters that are in production in order to re-allocate the same licenses but smarter?

Explanation: We have 2 clusters with 3 AOS Pro licenses sets (Cores + FLASH)

Set1: first 3 nodes of cluster1 (2019, renewed 2022)

Set2: first 3 nodes of cluster2 (2021, renewed 2024)

Set3: 2 more nodes, one for each cluster (2022)

We should then have set1 allocated for cluster1, set2 for cluster2 and set3 split between the 2 clusters but currently each set is used partially in cluster1 and 2 which is a mess for next licenses renewal…

So my target would be to reclaim all the licenses for both clusters and then reallocate them, cleaner,  through seamless licencing. Is that scenario possible without stopping the exploitation?


Thanks for your advice and guidance.

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3 replies

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Hi Marc,

I already done that in our infrastructure too, not seamless cause it never work at all but manually with the 3-click method, you won’t break anything when working on license.


On the 3-click method you just have to go to Nutanix Portal Licenses, then remove any licenses on cluster, then do it again selecting clusters you need.

Why doing this twice ? cause licensing workflow is a little bit bug (specially if you got many licenses products like Pro/Ultimate)

Hi Gael01,


I need to do this twice because we are talking about 2 clusters with some licenses shared between them.

Thanks for your answer, i’ll try this in the next few days..


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No worries :)

I was saying “you must doing twice” because license portal may be bug depends on the licence you got,

So no matter you got 1-2-10 clusters, you juste have to do it twice :)