inter_cvm_connections check in NCC 4.X

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I have a question about the new version NCC 4.X and AOS 5.20.X.

When I upgraded the cluster from to AOS from AOS 5.15. and NCC upgarde to I found the the ping_hosts.INFO file in /home/nutanix/data/logs/sysstats has disappeared and I cannot check the latency between CVM every minute. 

There is only the ping_gateway.INFO file to check the latency between CVM and gateway. 

But there is also ncc alert that the inter_CVM_latency is high. 

So where can I check the detail latency information between CVM in the new verison?


Best answer by Nupur.Sakhalkar 27 June 2022, 20:38

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@chenzh4 There should be a ping_all.INFO file present inside /home/nutanix/data/logs/sysstats/ directory on each CVM which should give you the ping response times between CVMs and CVMs-hosts. 

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Hi Nupur:


The ping_all.INFO only include the latency between the CVM and the gateway, does not include response times between CVMs and CVM-Host like before.


as the example information of ping_all.INFO

#TIMESTAMP 1656297510 : 06/27/2022 02:38:30 AM
                        IP : latency (threshold = 0.5 ms, payload = 1472 bytes)
         gw- : 5.55 ms

#TIMESTAMP 1656297525 : 06/27/2022 02:38:45 AM
                        IP : latency (threshold = 0.5 ms, payload = 1472 bytes)
         gw- : 5.56 ms

#TIMESTAMP 1656297540 : 06/27/2022 02:39:00 AM
                        IP : latency (threshold = 0.5 ms, payload = 1472 bytes)
         gw- : 3.05 ms


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@chenzh4 The ping_all.INFO file will only show up ping latencies above 0.5 ms which is the threshold for this one. The latency value which is < 0.5 ms threshold won’t be shown as that is an expected value range. This is why you could only see the entries for gw since the ping latencies between CVM and gw are > 0.5 ms. 

In case your cluster sees high ping latencies between CVMs intermittently, then those CVM-CVM or CVM-host ping latencies should be populated around the issue time in this file since at that time, I will expect the ping latency value to go > 0.5 ms. 


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Got it. Thanks for your information.