How to list virtual server name that belongs to only to certain project?

  • 6 September 2019
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How to list Prism Central servers that belongs only to certain project. For example list only those Vm's that belongs to project "default".

"Powerstate" expression name is "powerstate" but what is corresponding name of "project" which I should use to call "project" name?

This script is showing vmname and powerstate (runned against Prism Central):
Get-NTNXVM | Select @{Expression={$_.vmname};Label=”VMName”},@{Expression={$_.powerstate};Label=”PowerState”}

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3 replies

I don't see anything listed as a property named "project".

$VM = Get-NTNXVM <-- one of your VMs then

$VM | Get-Member <-- will list all the available properties & methods.


$VM | Select * <-- will list everything and the values.

I'm not very familiar with commands. Can you point the precise script to that shows project name. Best Regards, Jani
I don't see a property for project name. I don't think there is one.

These are all the properties that I see for a VM object:

TypeName: Nutanix.Prism.DTO.Stats.VMDTO

Name MemberType Definition
---- ---------- ----------
Equals Method bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetHashCode Method int GetHashCode()
GetType Method type GetType()
ToString Method string ToString()
acropolisVm Property System.Nullable[bool] acropolisVm {get;set;}
alertSummary Property Nutanix.Prism.DTO.Alerts.AlertSummaryDTO alertSummary {get;set;}
clusterUuid Property string clusterUuid {get;set;}
consistencyGroupName Property string consistencyGroupName {get;set;}
containerIds Property string[] containerIds {get;set;}
containerUuids Property string[] containerUuids {get;set;}
controlDomain Property System.Nullable[bool] controlDomain {get;set;}
controllerVm Property System.Nullable[bool] controllerVm {get;set;}
cpuReservedInHz Property System.Nullable[long] cpuReservedInHz {get;set;}
description Property string description {get;set;}
diskCapacityInBytes Property System.Nullable[long] diskCapacityInBytes {get;set;}
displayable Property System.Nullable[bool] displayable {get;set;}
fingerPrintOnWrite Property string fingerPrintOnWrite {get;set;}
gpusInUse Property System.Nullable[bool] gpusInUse {get;set;}
guestOperatingSystem Property string guestOperatingSystem {get;set;}
healthSummary Property Nutanix.Prism.DTO.Health.Check.HealthSummaryDTO healthSummary {get;set;}
hostId Property string hostId {get;set;}
hostName Property string hostName {get;set;}
hostUuid Property string hostUuid {get;set;}
hypervisorType Property string hypervisorType {get;set;}
ipAddresses Property string[] ipAddresses {get;set;}
memoryCapacityInBytes Property System.Nullable[long] memoryCapacityInBytes {get;set;}
memoryReservedCapacityInBytes Property System.Nullable[long] memoryReservedCapacityInBytes {get;set;}
nonNdfsDetails Property string nonNdfsDetails {get;set;}
numNetworkAdapters Property System.Nullable[long] numNetworkAdapters {get;set;}
numVCpus Property System.Nullable[int] numVCpus {get;set;}
nutanixGuestTools Property Nutanix.Prism.DTO.Ngt.NutanixGuestToolsDTO nutanixGuestTools {get;set;}
nutanixVirtualDiskIds Property string[] nutanixVirtualDiskIds {get;set;}
nutanixVirtualDisks Property string[] nutanixVirtualDisks {get;set;}
nutanixVirtualDiskUuids Property string[] nutanixVirtualDiskUuids {get;set;}
onDiskDedup Property string onDiskDedup {get;set;}
powerState Property string powerState {get;set;}
protectionDomainName Property string protectionDomainName {get;set;}
protectionType Property string protectionType {get;set;}
runningOnNdfs Property System.Nullable[bool] runningOnNdfs {get;set;}
stats Property System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[string,string] stats {get;set;}
usageStats Property System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[string,string] usageStats {get;set;}
uuid Property string uuid {get;set;}
vdiskFilePaths Property string[] vdiskFilePaths {get;set;}
vdiskNames Property string[] vdiskNames {get;set;}
virtualNicIds Property string[] virtualNicIds {get;set;}
virtualNicUuids Property string[] virtualNicUuids {get;set;}
vmId Property string vmId {get;set;}
vmName Property string vmName {get;set;}
vmType Property string vmType {get;set;}