How Alert Auto Resolve Works

  • 8 May 2019
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I'm new to Nutanix and learning as I go. I'm looking at monitoring and alerting and noticed an alert that has not auto resolved.

The specific alert is: Node Marked To Be Detached From Metadata Ring

I've run ALL NCC Health Checks on the node and it comes back healthy. This alert is set to auto resolve but for some reason will not resolve. I check policy and the auto-resolve checkbox is checked.

I did some digging and found a KB article (#000004269) for alert_auto_resolve_helper. I read about this NCC check and I don't see this as an available check in my environment.

Any thoughts and tips are appreciated. Thanks!

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5 replies

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Hey @cMoLe,

Thank you for digging around and giving me detailed information.

Hope this article helps:




Thanks for the reply. I tried the link you provided but got the following:


“Either the document doesn't exist or you do not have the permission to access this page.”


Not sure if maybe it was incomplete or not.

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@Chaitrali Deshpande  I believe that document may be an internal document, but basically the solution provided is:

Upgrade to NCC 3.8 or higher, or otherwise you should manually resolve these types of alerts.

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@cMoLe, upgrade to NCC@s 3.8 and that would resolve.
@sbarab thanks for the info

Thanks for the clarification. I’m on 3.9 and it appears the issue is fixed. I still have other reporting and health monitoring issues, but those are something that will hopefully get resolved soon.