Differences between v1 and v2 - metrics missing

  • 22 March 2019
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Hi Team,
Please let us know how to get below values using v2 apiversion.

Previously we are using apiversion v1 and getting metrics using /vms

Now with api version v2 we are not able to get below mentioned metrics

hypervisor_cpu_usage_ppm not able to find this with both urls(vms,virtual disks)
hypervisor_memory_usage_ppm not found
memoryCapacityInBytes not found
ipaddresses not found but found requested_ip_address are both same??
controllerVm not found

Able to get few metrics using virtual_disks and above mentioned metrics we are not able to get,

Are these not available in v2 or modified to anyother url.

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2 replies



Did you find the answer to this question?

I am also stuck because of the same problem.



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Hello @Mallikarjuna @Ridhi  - You need to still use V1 API for puling the stats.