Cloning VM to Perform OS uograde then Deleting Original VM

  • 29 June 2020
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Probably a very simply question and more of a sanity check. I have many Win 0S servers to perform OS upgrades on. Looking to do the following..


Ensure VM has ngt installed

Power down VM

Clone VM

Power up clone, perform OS upgrade

2 weeks later delete original VM


I assume the powered down VM doesn't actively contribute to CPU usage but storage will be ring fenced. Therefore I will see storage decrease whilst I'm upgrading VMS and before I delete the original.


Any disadvantages to making the cloned VM my new production VM rather than the other way round?


Is it ok to delete the original VM which the clone is being based off?




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2 replies

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Hey @TomRDC , so basically it’s completely okay to delete the parent VM. They both are considered 2 different entities by storage and they get their own share of IOPS and Compute.


There are no disadvantages in keeping the cloned VM as your production VM. It is completely safe.:smile:


Let me know if you need clarifications with anything else, as I would be more than happy to help.


Why do you need a clone ? You just can :

  • poweroff the vm
  • make a cold snapshot
  • update the OS
  • 2 weeks later, delete the snap

If you clone a VM, I think it will have a new MAC address. That could create problems with IP configuration and some applications (license server for instance).