AOS upgrade from to 6.1

  • 6 March 2022
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We keep our test cluster up-to-date with the latest STS versions.

Unfortunately, by doing so, I cannot upgrade from to 6.1 as it is not supported.

Upgrading from is supported.

I have two questions, one, when will I be able to upgrade to 6.1 from

Second, should I lag a version or two behind in the STS track to make sure I am not blocked from taking a major upgrade?


3 replies

Could we get an answer on this please? I’m in the same boat.

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Hello Tony,

Regarding upgrade to 6.1 from, it is NOT SUPPORTED. Current version ( to Target version is not supported in this case. Current version contains code updates not available in Target version. We may have to wait for another STS Version.

Regarding upgrade from STS to LTS, we should be able to upgarde to later without issues. 

Example: 5.19.2 (Last STS Version) can upgrade to 5.20 (LTS)


Hello Rohan, 

Thank you for confirming that upgrading from to 6.1 is not supported. But, upgrading from version to version 6.1 is supported.

How do I avoid this situation in the future? I did not see anything that said if you upgrade beyond version, you wont be able to upgrade to 6.1 when it becomes available.