A question about NearSync DR

  • 14 August 2019
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My customer is considering leveraging NearSyncDR for their production clusters.
Looks like I have to explain to them how NearSync should be configured and how it works to match their needs for future plan.
As it matters, I have dived around Nutanix portal for some documents related to this technology but nothing explains clearly why it should run by its behavior in the example below:
In the case I configured a schedule that repeats 1 min and retention policy of local cluster for 5 days, NearSync will work as that it will:
  • Create a snapshot per minute and retain it for 15 minutes.
  • Create hourly snapshots and retain for 6 hours.
  • Create daily snapshots and retain for 5 days.
So the question is if a snapshot A was created and deleted in 15 mins later, in the case user wanted to use this snapshot A to recover his file, how did he do?
Is snapshot retaining time able to be changed by any command?

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As per the configuration you have provided in your question, you can not recover snapshot A after 15 min, once it’s deleted. However, you may/ may not find user file in hourly snapshots. That means you will loose work from last 0 to maximum 45 mins, if you delete a file and snapshot A.


There is no way to change expiry time for scheduled snapshots, though manual snapshot can be useful in this case. Also, you can provide expiry date for Manual Snapshots on it’s creation. 


Thus, the suggestion/advice would be to take a manual snapshot (with/without no expiry) before user file deletion.    


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Mansi Rajeshbhai Vankawala