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  • 17 July 2020
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The  content is dedicated to commonly asked questions on Nutanix Files portal documentation such as Nutanix Files Guide, Nutanix Files Release Notes, Nutanix Files Solution documentation. 


1. Documentation

Nutanix File Documentation is available on Portal and covers most of the common topics. Nutanix recommends reviewing these docs to understand the product workflow. 

1.1 Setup Guide 

Nutanix recommends referring Nutanix Files Setup Guide to  understand prerequisites and steps for creating a Nutanix Files Cluster. 

1.2 Release Notes

Nutanix recommends to refer Nutanix Files Release Notes for each Files version which contains the following information: 

What's New?

  • Features and Updates
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known Issues <if there are any>

Installation and Upgrades
Nutanix Files Software Compatibility
Supported Configurations

  • SMB Protocol Versions
  • Supported Client (SMB)
  • NFS Protocol Versions
  • Supported Client (NFS)
  • Active Directory (Supported Windows AD Servers)
  • Supported Antivirus Software. 

System Limits


2 Tech Notes 


2.1 Solutions Guide

Nutanix recommends referring Nutanix Files Solution Guide to understand the configuration and architecture specific questions.

The topics covered in this Nutanix Files Solution Guide. 

  1. Overview of Nutanix architecture with Files.
  2. Load balancing of standard and distributed shares (SMB) and exports (NFS).
  3. High availability.
  4. Backup and recovery.
  5. Quotas and permission management.
  6. Antivirus.


2.2 Sizing Guide 

The Nutanix Sizer tool ( uses models derived from performance testing and best practices. This Sizing guide provides an overview of the Files-specific sizing models, use cases, and data retention factors for sizing.

2.3 Monitoring and Auditing Guide

This Monitoring and Auditing Guide covers the current list of Files-related APIs and describes the on-wire format of file notifications that you can configure with Files to empower others to develop solutions on top of Files.

2.4 SMB Migration Guide

This guide provides an overview of best practices and considerations when migrating from third-party platforms to Nutanix Files when using the SMB protocol with examples. 

2.5 Performance Guide

This guide is part of the Nutanix Solutions Library. This is written for storage and systems administrators and partners who seek to understand Nutanix Files performance before deploying the solution. Readers of this document should already be familiar with Nutanix Files and the Nutanix architecture.

Nutanix Files Solution Documentation is maintained under Solution Documentation

Nutanix Files Setup Guide and Nutanix Files Release Notes are maintained under Software Documents

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