Nutanix files command to see who owns share

  • 10 August 2023
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from cli whats the command to see which Nutatnix files VM owns a share? i’ve done this before and i cant remember what the command was we’ve had issues with copiers not being able to scan when we use the host name but it works fine with the IP 


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maybe afs share.owner_fsvm


See the  output of my test files instance...


<afs> share.owner_fsvm nfsexport path=/labfiles/nfsexports/logs
Owner NVM Name: NTNX-Files-3
Owner NVM internal IP address:
Owner NVM external IP address:
Owner NVM UUID: cca58275-7b34-4462-b6f8-f000d5324ee9
Share path: /zroot/shares/cca58275-7b34-4462-b6f8-f000d5324ee9/:d5b13577-6b18-4662-b571-c3f7d3556c15/ddb46789-cc21-4fc6-8608-04795faa57ef/nfsexport/logs
Absolute path on the owner NVM: /labfiles/nfsexports/logs