Nutanix Files (AFS) - Graceful Shutdown and Start-up

  • 13 November 2019
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There can be a situation where you have to either shutdown the entire AOS cluster hosting Nutanix Files, or just the Nutanix Files (AFS) cluster.

Gracefully shutdown Nutanix Files and Nutanix AOS Cluster

  • Verify that no snapshot or replication is taking place.
  • Power off all guest VMs on the cluster, leaving only FSVMs (File Server VMs) and CVMs (Controller VMs) powered on.

Gracefully Shut down a Nutanix FILES (FSVMs) Cluster


STEP - 1 : Stopping all File Services

1.1 : For AOS 5.0.x - 5.5.x:

minerva stop fsvm

1.2 : FOR AOS 5.6 and later:

From any CVM, enter the "afs" command prompt:

nutanix@cvm: afs

<afs> infra.stop *

​The infra.stop * command will stop Nutanix Files services and power off the FSVMs for all File Servers.

Gracefully Shutdown the AOS Cluster

Once only the CVMs remain powered on, from any CVM, run:

STEP 1 : Gracefully STOP an AOS Cluster:

nutanix@cvm: cluster stop

STEP 2 : Gracefully shutdown the CVMs in an AOS Cluster:

Once the cluster is stopped, we can then shutdown the CVMs itself via:

nutanix@cvm: sudo shutdown -h now

You can now Power-off the hosts to conduct maintenance or physical hardware re-location.



Bringing it back online - AOS and Nutanix Files Cluster


In order to bring back online a AOS Cluster and Nutanix Files Cluster, we will first:

  1. Power ON the physical hosts
  2. Ensure all CVMs are UP/Online (CVMs auto-start when hosts are up)
  3. Ensure all physical network connections are in-place and green

STEP - 1 : Powering up a Nutanix AOS Cluster

Once all CVMs are up, ssh login to a CVM with user 'nutanix' and run:

cluster start


STEP - 2 : Verify AOS Cluster Services:

nutanix@cvm: cluster status (make sure all services are up)

STEP - 3 : Powering UP Nutanix Files (AFS) Cluster


3.1 - Starting File Services on AOS 5.0.x - 5.5.x

minerva -a start

3.2 - Starting File Services on AOS 5.6 and later:

Login to a CVM and enter the afs prompt by typing:

nutanix@cvm: afs

Once inside the afs prompt

<afs> infra.start *

The start command will power on the FSVMs for all File Servers and start Nutanix Files services.

To read further on gracefully shutting down a Nutanix AOS and Nutanix Files Cluster, please refer to the Nutanix Portal Documentation:

Nutanix Files - Graceful Shutdown of a Nutanix Cluster

Nutanix Files 3.5 Guide

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