File Analytics impact on files

  • 20 August 2020
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Should I be concerned about File Analytics impacting data files? Specifically, is there any chance that it could lock a file for its analysis while a business application may attempt to access the file at the same time - causing negative impact?

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2 replies

We are using Files for a year now +/-. Analytics is deployed since the beginning.

There is no negative impact of the files.

The only locked files we have sometimes is if a user does not logoff from his/her VDI session ( not Frame ) for a very long time. If that happens I am using the following CLI to identify and kill the open file:

  1. Connecting to the Files VM via SSH
  2. afs smb.conn verbose=true | grep “file that you are searching for”
  3. afs smb.close_file “Fid number” verbose=true


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Hi mandg,

File Analytics work with the metadata and events trail. FA does not touch the files. Was there anything, in particular, that made you think about the impact of FA on the data integrity or accessibility?