A walk-through of Xi Beam Cloud Governance Capabilities (Part 1)

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This series of two posts provides a walk-through of Xi Beam Cloud Governance capabilities to give you a better understanding of what a CCO (Cloud Cost Optimization) can do for you.


What is Xi Beam Cloud Governance

Xi Beam Cloud Governance is a feature rich tool that provides visibility, optimization, and automated control over multi-cloud deployments including both public and private clouds.

As a multi-cloud governance tool, Beam organizes all the infrastructure information along three key pillars of cloud governance:

  • Visibility: Xi Beam provides deep visibility into multi-cloud consumption patterns at aggregate as well as granular levels to easily identify cost drivers.

  • Optimization: Xi Beam uses machine intelligence to continuously provide right-sizing recommendations and deliver more than 50 percent in cloud cost savings.

  • Control: Xi Beam helps you create automated policies that continuously take actions to reduce cloud costs. Beam also provides budget alerts so that you can take remediation actions before costs get out of control.

Xi Beam provides adequate tools for the key pillars of cost governance: visibility, optimization, and automated control. 


Main Xi Beam Cloud Governance Capabilities:

  1. Single unified view of public and private cloud resources (Visibility)
  2. Forecasting cloud bills (Optimization)
  3. Automated cost anomaly detection (Optimization)
  4. TCO visibility (Control)
  5. Optimizing Cloud spending (Optimization)
  6. Control over Cloud spending. (Control)

Part 1 will cover capabilities 1, 2 and 3, Part 2 will cover the rest.


1. Unified view of underlying public and private cloud resources (Visibility)

The first benefit that Xi Beam brings to the table is a single unified view of underlying public and private cloud resources. Its dashboard communicates all the essential information on configuration files, access logs, resource utilization, cost information, and more.

2.Forecasting cloud bills (Optimization)

Xi Beam utilizes a machine learning-driven algorithm to project future cloud spend using historical consumption trends. Xi Beam can project up to the next six months of cloud spending.


3.Automated cost anomaly detection (Optimization)

Beam uses the machine learning-driven algorithms to detect spending anomalies that may be caused by out-of-pattern resource consumption patterns. Beam’s cost anomaly detection feature can help  identify spending spikes before they get out of hand.

Cloud operators don’t have to keep looking at the billing reports; Beam does that and also alerts when costs spike.


Automated cost anomaly detection in Beam.


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