• 5 March 2014
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Is anyone using Veeam to backup their virtual environment on a Nutanix cluster? If so, how have you configured your backup proxy (how many, virtual or physical, 1 arm or 2 arm configuration, etc)? What are you using for a backup target? What kind of throughputs or processing rates are you seeing?

I am running some test jobs, and a few of the jobs I have run identify the soure (Nutanix) as the bottleneck in the job. My backup proxy is a VM with a 2 arm configuration (1 vNIC in the production storage VLAN and 1 vNIC in the backup storage VLAN) running in Network Mode. I'm wondering if there are other modifications I can make to alleviate the source (Nutanix) from being the bottleneck in the jobs.

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5 replies

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Generally speaking the recommendation is to run a proxy on each host so you pull the changes from the local flash. Veeam has released a patch where customers that had problems are seeing improvments.

The Veeam patch is located here:
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I read the release notes, but what specifically was a Nutanix improvement?
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I would also like to know what part of that Veeam patch would have an impact on backing up a Nutanix cluster.
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Any reference from US using Veeam to backup data from Nutanix to external storage? If yes, how to assign each role of Veeam in Nutanix to have a good performance for backup? for example, repository, proxy server...etc.
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Derek Seaman has posted a great entry in his blog, detailing Veeam Best Practices with Nutanix:

Check it out!