Restore recovery point in place in PC

  • 19 November 2020
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I’m tryning to wrap my head arout the differences between Snapshot and recovery point on a functional perspective.


My target is to take vmware like snapshot of my vm. For that i saw 2 possibilities :

  • the recovery point, which are managed by PC and allow for easy replication
  • The snapshot which, correct me of i’m wrong) can only be created in PC


My issue is that the recvery point cannot be restored “in place”, I mean in the vm object itself, but only by creating a clone of the vm, this create a extra administrative burden if i have to restore a vm from a recent recovery point as i have to :

  • restore/clone the recovery point into a new VM
  • delete the old one
  • update the clone with the previous name, categories, etc ….

In addition the newly restored/cloned vm has lost all the previous recovery point


However the snapshot can be restored in place, but they are not managed by PC and replicated to the backup cluster …


TL;DR ; Is there a way to either create a snapshot via PC or restore in place a recovery point ?


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Hi Scipio,

At this point in time, the functionality that you are looking for does not exist. You have made a compelling point on the necessity of the feature. I can see there is an internal request to allow for recovery from the snapshots in PC but I am unable to provide an estimate even a very rough one.

There is an APIv2 call to restore a VM to a snapshotted state if that is any consolation.