Restore AHV VM to third party (SAN) vSphere

  • 27 May 2019
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We are looking for a solution to restore the VMs running on Nutanix AHV to a vSphere (SAN based) environment.

I've heard that HYCU can do backups on ESXi non-nutanix, however is not clear if I can restore VMs running on AHV to ESXi non-Nutanix and vice-versa.

If HYCU is not the answer, is there any other vendor that can achieve this goal?

Nutanix AHV backup/DR to ESXi non-Nutanix. We need to run the VMs on ESXi non-Nutanix in case of Nutanix/Primary DC failure.

3 replies

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I've just setup a lab.

The "test" VM is running on ESXi (non-Nutanix). I am able to restore/clone de VM to AHV and the same vCenter/Host/Datastore.

However, if the VM is running on AHV, I cannot restore/clone the VM to ESXi non-Nutanix again.

The ESXI Cluster (non-Nutanix) is not available.

It seems that HYCU is not the answer. Any ideas?
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The following steps can be used to migrate VM from AHV to another hypervisor:

AHV | How to migrate user VMs from AHV to Hyper-V/VMware ESXi/KVM

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Hi Matheus,


I would suggest looking at SUREedge

I can’t promise it does exactly what you are looking for but it might be worth checking with a Sureline directly. To the best of my knowledge, this used to be the vendor of choice for migrations between platforms prior to Nutanix Move.

You could also look at Commvault. Solid product in my own opinion. Again, check with them directly if they can match your exact requirements.