Restore AHV VM to third party (SAN) vSphere

  • 27 May 2019
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We are looking for a solution to restore the VMs running on Nutanix AHV to a vSphere (SAN based) environment.

I've heard that HYCU can do backups on ESXi non-nutanix, however is not clear if I can restore VMs running on AHV to ESXi non-Nutanix and vice-versa.

If HYCU is not the answer, is there any other vendor that can achieve this goal?

Nutanix AHV backup/DR to ESXi non-Nutanix. We need to run the VMs on ESXi non-Nutanix in case of Nutanix/Primary DC failure.

1 reply

I've just setup a lab.

The "test" VM is running on ESXi (non-Nutanix). I am able to restore/clone de VM to AHV and the same vCenter/Host/Datastore.

However, if the VM is running on AHV, I cannot restore/clone the VM to ESXi non-Nutanix again.

The ESXI Cluster (non-Nutanix) is not available.

It seems that HYCU is not the answer. Any ideas?