question about the document BP 2009 metro availability

  • 19 August 2015
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hi all,

there is this best practice

on the page 24 it says
if we want schedule a Planned Failover with vMotion

Using vMotion to move virtual machines to the standby site will provide the highest uptimeduring planned failovers. Operationally, the use of vMotion will take more time comparedto a cold migration, as the virtual machine memory state will need to be transferred acrosssites. The planned failover process with vMotion is outlined in Figure 16. (see the following steeps)
we want planned failorver on site A to B
-1) Vmotion VMs from active to Standby site
-2) shutdown VMs agaisnt standby containers site B
-3 "disable metroavailability from the site active A
-4 promote the Standby containers site B
-5 power On VM sites B
-6 renable the replication

my question is
I understand why we need to shutdown the VM (step 2)
it's too bad we must diseable metro availbility before to promote.

there some body know if in the futur we can promote the standby containers without "DISABLE", in this case we can schedule a maintenance site with NO DOWNTIME.

thanks a lot

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Hi alapaquette,

The plan of record is to have a non-disruptive process for planned failover with Metro Availability. You should expect this limitation to be corrected in a future release.