iSCSI, NFS and SMB on Single Node Replication Target

  • 28 September 2017
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Has anything changed with the single node target where I can can use it as an iSCSI target or SMB target for Storagecraft Backups ?



2 replies

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ABS is not blocked on the single node target but it also hasn't been tested from a QA standpoint. Nothing scary there I am just not sure on throughut.
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That's good do know, I am looking to take an existing NAS running Windows 2012 R2 Storage Server make a connection to the single node target via iSCSI and/or SMB3.

We're a small hosting provider, so instead of buying a 3rd party NAS, I would love if the single node target could act as a NAS and be supported by Nutanix. I then would be able to use Nutanix backups and Storagecraft for backups.

Do you think I would be supported by Nutanix if I do this ?