Backup Acropolis File Services (AFS)

  • 26 May 2017
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we switch from NetApp to Nutanix and I want to know how could an AFS Backup look like.
I have read that ABS is underneath AFS to deliver the data, hence no File Services Data resides inside the AFS VMs doing the client side.
So a VM-only backup would not reach any data that we migrate from our Filers to AFS, right?

We have Veeam B&R Enterprise Plus but doing File-level backups gains around 200KB/s.
The VM-Backup on the other hand gets over 100MB/s so there is someone pulling on all brakes with file-level backup.

Are there any other options to get the data in a timely manner?
Even other backup software will be worth looking into as the file server is the most important business value.

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AOS 5.0.2, AFS 2.0.2

2 replies

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Hi Steve

In Veeam 10 they will have UNC support for backup. Your correct that you can't use a VM level backup because of the volume groups plus the home share how we shard the data. Other products have unc support like CommVault and NetBackup. With those products you want to configure mutiple readers to drive throughput.

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In this blog post AFS Adds New Capabilities Through An Expanding Partner Ecosystem it states "Nutanix has started working with Comtrade and Rubrik to add support for these API’s, with active discussions with other vendors."

It seems that Comrade and Rubrik will be the first to market using native API's for AFS backup.