Unable to Size remote DR Cluster with Nutanix Sizer

  • 1 October 2021
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Hello Team,

Hope your are all doing well :relaxed:


We need to size a New Nutanix Cluster for Disaster Recovery purposes of an existing cluster (04 x NX-8155-G7 with AHV).

Before that, we need to scale the Existing platform by adding more compute ressources to support additionnal workloads. We were able to do it easily : we used a Scenario in Prism Central and added the workloads and clicked on the “Recommend” Button (please see pic below) :



Now, we are not able to do the following :

  1. Size the additionnal storage related to retention of local snapshots (for the Production Cluster)
  2. Size the Cluster of the DR Site : We used Nutanix collector to collect performance of the existing platform and next we exported the Excel Output file and imported it to Nutanix Sizer. We faced from the following :
  • We are not able to inject the additionnal Workloads for the Production cluster
  • We are not able to add the addtionnal storage related to retention of remote snapshots.

Please do you have any idea to correctly size both local and remote clusters ? Did somebody already face from this issue ?


Thanks in advance.

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I had a similar experience with Sizer… except with hundreds of VMs and Dozens of Protection Domains. Needed to be able to “guess” the Daily Change rates, which are rather difficult/tedious to calculate (between source and destination DR clusters).

I too wish there was a way to import via Nutanix Collector into Nutanix Sizer…