SCSI driver issue when moving Windows machines

  • 28 June 2021
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Long story short, W2016 server moving from HV to AHV. VirtIO drivers are installed (before migration) but whenever the machine boots after migrating to AHV, it's bsods with inaccessible boot device. If I go through the whole booting to recovery, deleting the driver and injecting the driver, it boots up but that's a lot of manual handling.

When MOVE migrates to AHV it boots up as SATA drive then it seems to clone the disk and reattaches it as a SCSI drive. It boots to the desktop as SATA but then as a SCSI drive it fails, so the driver issue makes sense. The issue is why the drivers are not working when they're installed on the HV machine before migration and don't work after.

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4 replies

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Hi, same problem here. looks like its need an update of the boot configuration to add the drivers to the boot process.

NB: I’m not using move, but a reconfiguration of machine.

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@bpr-admin which version of Nutanix Move are you using? I've seen isues in the past with this which where resolved in later versions on Move. 

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I am having the same issue and the reply from dBizzle… would explain why it’s only our virtual fileservers that are suffering from this and not our other servers with only 1 drive attached.

I’m experiencing this too, it also seems to change the SCSI ID’s at the same time when there are multiple drives attached.